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Telephone Numbers

General Information  800-367-7164
Retirement Plan Manager  213-367-1689
Assistant Retirement Plan Manager 
- Active Services
Assistant Retirement Plan Manager 
- Retirement Services 
Chief Investment Officer 213-367-0578
Membership and Contributions  213-367-1695
Annual Member Statements  213-367-1695
Purchase of Service Credit  213-367-1695
Termination of Reciprocity  213-367-1695
Supplemental Family Death Benefits  213-367-1695
Disability  213-367-1680
Leaves of Absence  213-367-1682
Death Benefits  213-367-1721
Retirement  213-367-1715
Pre-Retirement Classes  213-367-3826


New Office Hours


The Retirement Office will be implementing new office hours effective March 9, 2015.  Members (both active and retired) are welcome to make appointments and request service between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  After 4 p.m., members may leave a message regarding their requests and a response from the Retirement Office will be provided within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.  Please note our contact information below:

Telephone: (800) 367-7164 or (213) 367-1692
E-mail: Retire@ladwp.com

Retirement Office
111 N. Hope St., Room 357
Los Angeles, CA 90012




Written Inquiries

   All written inquiries and business of retirement, disability and death benefit matters should be addressed, or presented in person, to the

   Water and Power Employees' Retirement Plan
   111 N. Hope Street, Room 357
   Los Angeles, CA 90012



E-Mail and the Internet

   Most general purpose inquiries can be sent to


   The inquiry will be read and forwarded to the appropriate Section within the Retirement Office.

Although this document discusses the Plan in some detail, if there are any conflicts, real or apparent, between this document and the City Charter or the Plan, the terms of the Charter and the Plan will at all times be the final authority. Therefore before relying on provisions described in this document or taking any action which will affect your future welfare, you and your beneficiaries are urged to consult the Retirement Plan Office for the specific terms of the Plan in any situation.