Summary Plan Description

NOTE:  This Summary Plan Description represents Tier 1 benefits prior to January 1, 2014.  Please see the Summary of Benefits for further information.
New Summary Plan Descriptions are under construction.
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Table of Contents

    The Board of Administration
    The Retirement Plan Office
    Appeals Procedure

    The "Plan"
    Funding the Plan
    Actuarial Surveys
    Annual Report
    Reciprocal Agreement Between the Plan and LACERS

Membership in the Plan
    Becoming a Member
    Full Membership
    Membership After Termination and Return to Department Employment
    Membership - Transfers from Other City Departments

Contributions to the Plan
    Retirement Contributions
    Contribution Rates - New Members
    Contribution Rates - Returning Members
    Contribution Rates - Transfers from Other City Departments
    Contribution Rates - Entry Age
    Suspension of Contributions
    Withdrawing Your Contributions
    Purchasing Service Credit
    Contracts Transferred from LACERS
    Purchasing Other Governmental Service
    Purchasing Maternity Leaves
    Additional Contributions
    Contributions to the Disability and Death Benefit Funds

Your Retirement Allowance
    Planning Your Retirement
    Types of Retirement Pensions
    Definition of "Eligible Spouse"
    Definition of "Domestic Partner"
    Terminating a "Domestic Partner"
    When You Can Retire
    The Formula Pension
    Minimum Pension C
    Definition of Minimum Pension C Service Credit
    How to Estimate Your Full Minimum Pension C
    Early Retirement Factors
    Minimum Pension A
    Definition of Minimum Pension A Service Credit
    Retirement Allowance Options
    Summary of Options
    Option Full Allowance
    Option A Allowance
    Option D Allowance
    Option B Allowance
    Option C Allowance
    Option E Allowance
    Choosing an Option
    Retiring from Permanent Total Disability
    Limitations on Allowances
    Lump-Sum Settlement
    Adjustments to Your Retirement Allowance
    Delayed or "Vested" Retirement Rights
    Additional Annuity
    Applying for Your Retirement
    Federal and California State Income Taxes

    General Information
    Off-the-Job Disability Benefits
    Eligibility for Disability Benefits
    Temporary Disability
    Permanent Total Disability
    Extended Temporary Disability
    Coverage While on Leave of Absence
    Disability Claim Procedure
    Medical Certification
    First and Second Sick Days Off
    Amount of Benefit Payments
    Percentage of Salary Paid as Temporary Disability
    How Long Benefits Continue
    Limitation of Rights to Disability Benefits
    How Workers' Compensation Affects Your Benefits
    Contingent Disability Benefits
    Federal and California State Income Taxes

Death Benefits
    Insured-Life Death Benefit
    Survivor's Optional Death Benefit Allowance
    Family Death Benefit Allowance
    Coverage While on Leave of Absence
    Supplemental Family Death Benefit Allowance
    When Family Death Benefits and Supplemental Family Death Benefits Stop
    No Double Coverage
    Death Benefits Claim Procedure
    Your Beneficiary

Health Plans

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Retirement Plan Mission Statement

Although this document discusses the Plan in some detail, if there are any conflicts, real or apparent, between this document and the City Charter or the Plan, the terms of the Charter and the Plan will at all times be the final authority. Therefore before relying on provisions described in this document or taking any action which will affect your future welfare, you and your beneficiaries are urged to consult the Retirement Plan Office for the specific terms of the Plan in any situation.