Instructor-Led Training

The Retirement Plan Office conducts monthly trainings and attends various events hosted by the Department to provide our members with information regarding your Plan benefits.

Please note, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all instructor-led courses are conducted virtually through a Webex meeting. A live instructor will be online to provide the training and you will have an opportunity to ask questions, but we cannot hold the meetings in-person.

Full Retirement Seminar (Webex)

The Full Retirement Seminars cover a variety of life and financial issues as they relate to your retirement preparation.

Topics include:

  • Benefits from the Plan, including the retirement calculation, taxes, death benefits, continuances after you die, and other considerations that affect your retirement
  • Health and dental benefits, including Medicare
  • Vacation and overtime accruals
  • Deferred Compensation contributions
  • Social Security benefits
  • Making a successful transition from work to retirement
Who Should Attend
Any Department employee who is currently eligible to retire or within 3 years of retirement eligibility.

How to Enroll
Enrollment will be ongoing via Cornerstone. To register please visit Please acquire supervisory approval in advance.

Mid-Career Planning Seminar (Webex)

The Mid-Career Planning Seminars provide a condensed approach to the fundamental concepts of preparing for retirement by creating and implementing a plan at an earlier stage in your career. The tools and principles presented will enable you to start planning your retirement strategy based on your needs and priorities.

This is a program to get you thinking about your future and what steps you can take now. The knowledgeable presenters will give you the resources and tools to take charge of your retirement. Upon successful completion of this class, you will have your own personalized action plan to evaluate your current finances.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the benefits of the retirement plan
  • Creating a realistic budget that includes retirement savings
  • Approaching the estate planning process without feeling intimidated
  • Knowing where to go if you need help
Who Should Attend
Any Department employee, who is a member of the Plan, will benefit from the concepts presented in this class. All too often, employees don’t fully consider all the choices and opportunities that exist for retirement planning until there is little time left before retirement. This class will bring up issues and considerations and give you information and tools to start planning for your retirement today.

How to Enroll
Enrollment will be ongoing via Cornerstone. To register please visit Please acquire supervisory approval in advance.