Investment Program

The Investment Section is responsible for monitoring and implementing the Plan's investment program. The Investment Staff conducts extensive due diligence in order to provide high conviction recommendations to the Retirement Board. Examples include asset allocation, portfolio construction, asset class structural reviews, mandate development, and the hiring or termination of specific investment managers. Investment Staff works with the Plan’s consultant and custodian bank, to assist the Retirement Board in administering the investment program in compliance with the “Statement of Investment Objectives, Goals, and Guidelines”.

The role of Plan's consultants is to provide strategic advice on asset allocation, risk management, investment policy development, asset class structuring, investment manager evaluation and monitoring. The Plan has three consulting mandates:

The Plan regularly diversifies the investment portfolio across various asset classes and geographies around the world. The Retirement Board makes prudent investment decisions to help ensure the sustainability of the Plan’s assets and develop long-term investment policies that attempt to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

To contact the Investment Section, please email us at or call us at (213) 367-1905.

Interim Asset Allocation

Image -  Interim Asset Allocation Target

Long-Term Asset Allocation

Image -  Interim Asset Allocation Target