Thank you for your service to the Department and the City of Los Angeles. The Retirement Plan Office staff is here to ensure timely payment of your benefits and provide you with a smooth transition into retirement.

Please remember, to protect you, we will need to have your current mailing address and phone number on file, even if you are only on vacation for three months or more. If we are unable to contact you for a consecutive three months, we will withhold your benefits pending verification with you.

Monthly benefits are paid on the first day of the following month. If the first falls on a weekend or holiday, then the payment date is moved back to the prior work day, except for January 1st. Please review the payment dates in the table below and plan accordingly.

Retirement Payroll Dates for 2022

Month Payment Date
December 2021 01/03/2022
January 2022 02/01/2022
February 2022 03/01/2022
March 2022 04/01/2022
April 2022* 04/29/2022
May 2022 06/01/2022
June 2022 07/01/2022
July 2022 08/01/2022
August 2022 09/01/2022
September 2022* 09/30/2022
October 2022 11/01/2022
November 2022 12/01/2022
* Months where the first of the month is a weekend or holiday.