RPO - Self-Guided Video

Self-Guided Videos

If you like the learn on your own, want to jump around and pick topics that interest you, or don’t have time to attend a classroom session, the Self-Guided Training videos were developed as another resource for our members.

No logon is required; therefore, your progress will not be recorded nor saved. Please make sure to have enough time to view each section in its entirety or write down where you stopped so you can go back to it later.

The videos can be viewed on most web browsers and have speaking narrators, so please turn on the volume. If you prefer, Closed Captions are also available. You can view the videos in the comfort of your home, on a cellphone, your work computer, or any device with wi-fi or internet access. Please follow department policy regarding work computers and get supervisory approval to review the materials during working hours.

If you have any questions accessing the videos, or have suggestions for improvements, please send us an email at retire@ladwp.com.

Please note:  If you need to fast forward or rewind a section, you must view the slide in its entirety to unlock the playback bar

Other Plan Benefits
Disability Benefits Video Training

21 minutes

Death Benefits Training Video

20 minutes

Death Benefits for Retiree Video Training

20 minutes

Retirement Benefits

The videos in this section describe the benefits provided by the Plan, including retirement, estimates for both tiers. Other considerations, which can affect your retirement, are included in the next section under Non-Plan Benefits.

Additional Contributions Training Video

15 minutes

Additional Contribution at Retirement Training Video

20 minutes

Tier 2 - Purchasing Service Credit Training Video

30 minutes
(For Tier 1, please speak with Membership staff.)

Retirement Process Video Training

20 minutes

Tier 1 - Estimates Training Video

20 minutes

Tier 1 - Retirement for Review Traing Video

40 minutes

Tier 2- Estimates Training Video

20 minutes

Retirement for Tier 2 Training Video

45 minutes

Vesting for T2 Training Video

16 minutes
(For Tier 1, please speak with Membership staff.)

Non-Plan Benefits Affecting Your Retirement

The videos in this section are other considerations for your retirement. They are administered by other entities outside of the Plan. For the benefits administered by the Plan, including retirement, death, and disability, please see the previous section on Retirement Benefits.

Health Plan for Tier 1 Training Video

20 minutes

Health Plan for Tier 2 Training Video

20 minutes

Payroll Training Video

10 minutes

Other important considerations for your retirement can be found on the website for the following outside entities: